Thursday, February 26, 2009

Done One Task

Alhamdullillah.. done satu keje.. not fully done.. need to present to the client.. if it fine.. no changes, then its consider done.. huhu.. (^_^)a lot a lot more to go.. Alhamdullillah.. limaph kurnia rezeki.. syukur.. xtau ape hikmah sebnaliknye.. pape im thanks to GoD.. ALLAH s.w.t..

here the link of the latest website i hv done.. develop with frontpage template.. nothng much different with other website.. but they have some kind of pattern when im review the template.. pretty good experience to work with frontpage..

next, i need to study a bit bout online payment.. have to email to my sifoo regarding the issue.. hope a lot if he can help.. Please.. your the only hope.. then new ecommerce website.. i havent look at the requirement yet.. but its all about selling furniture i think.. maybe i start on nextweek or this weekend..

alrite.... got to continue with screen shot of eWallet.. need to prepare for the presentation. gtg


Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Work Place

Environment look messy.. huhu.. but my place still sempoi
Environment - messyMy place - simple

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wana Know My Price?

As i told u all before and what are the blog is all about.. Im doing freelance to develop static website, dynamic website (eCommerce, MLM), Web-based System (eg: Hotel Management System, Inventory System). i do programming professionally... i am a programmer fulltime at corporation berhad company.. so if u interested to use my skill and my knowledge to fulfil ur need.. email me at with this info..

1. Type of website (static/dynamic/system)
2. Uses of the website (to determine the storage)
3. Number of pages (for static website)
4. A bit describtion bout the website

InsyaAllah, I will reply u as soon as posible with the quatation and explain a bit about what i can do and how long its gona take to develop..

Feel free to email me at any time...

Latest Freelance Work

Salam and Hello,

i just finish up create a movie for a campsite (Langbuana Camp, Perak River Safari, Kuala Kangsar, Perak).. i have to state their name many many time, since i want the name up to google/yahoo/msn/etc.... well also last 2 week i have done with their website.. you can check out at the website is about hmm.. wait i copy the wording from the website..

"The LangBuana Outdoor Camp has been conducting river adventures since 1989. This profesional outfit are ready to give you more experience dealing with water activities and camping by the river side.

The place is surrounded by thousand acres of fruits orchard and rainforests which flank both sides of the Perak river, Malaysia. Located near by Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Also well knowns as Kuala Kangsar, Bandar Diraja."

(again.. for promoting the website.. huhu T-T').. also they have another website..

My Latest freelance work.. im working on MLM System.. its nothing new to people.. i have done it once before.. but the website hv to shutdown since the owner afraid of the law (hmm i dont see anythg wrong with the law).. btw i dono how other people do it, i just did it very simple.. people can see their downline, give approval if people registered, get a referal link to promote their website... see top member, get the report of hw many people registed evryday.. a lot alot more features to put on.. i havent hv much time to think bout them all yet.. hopefully after this (mean tonite la) can finish it at least 80%, so that tomorrow can be totally done (insyaAllah).. huhu.. coz i have another project to catch up.. hope i get it.. (ya ALLAH tuhanku, semoga aku dpt projek tu, Amin..)

And ya... the other one.. gosh!!.. a student request for a website develop using frontpage.. hmm.. i dnt see any different wit what tool we are using.. i dono.. i havent study yet... but if surely confirm that its nothg differnet in using what tool, surely i use dreamweaver.. hehe.. much much easier.. well, i dono what the website is all about.. the owner will submit all the data on monday an the due date is on 15 March 2009.. hehe a lot alot of time is given.. hope it just a static website.. (T-T")



Just started my blog.. nowdays, people killing (^_^) to have blog.. so here i am.. (T-T').. The 'Nawaitoo' i create the blog, just to expose myself to everyone outsite there.. people might 'googling' my nick.. so if u find me (the blog).. here i am..

Nothing much to say.. hmm.. alrite, start with introduce myself.. im ash.. i was born in September, 16.. Yup the created of Malaysia.. im proud of it.. im the only daughter in family.. im the third from forth.. im Perakian.. (-_-").. i graduate from UPM with degree in computer science majoring multimedia programming.. i knw nothing much bout multimedia.. but im so into programming.. Yup, im a programmer..

hmm.. what more to say.. i stay with hammie (^_^).. three of them (mimi, didi, lili).. i dont hv pic of them.. but later on sure i post one topic bout them.. a lot a lot of thing to gossip and story bout them.. hehe

alrite.. what more i wana say in this blog is about my freelance work.. i hv done a few website and web-based system.. i'll post some info bout them later on.. so anyone who like to hired me (for freelancing) to do website, system, eCommerce and etc (anything related to internet) i'll be happy to accept it with wide open arm...

lastly.. thank you for reviewing my blog.. anything i wrote has give bad influence on u please forgive me.. i just wrote whatever i wana wrote and i never think when im wrote.. (T-T"").. so do do please forgive me and let us be fren...