Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Year of 2017

End very fast.. Too much to catch up.. not sure if i can remember all.. This year Raya, i celebrate with her family - Sabah. New experience.. really nice to have the different.. know how other celebrate. Wish i can turn back time and have that same kind of celebration with my mom.. making her happy.. its late.. love you mom... always..

Next.. we went to cambodia for 6D5N. AA has new route which is Sihanouk.. All about beach and gambling.. People say it a small macau.. If we know about it early, definitely we spare some cash for it. The beach is ok, clear water but not blue.. I remember it same as beach at my hometown lumut - teluk batik.. Sihanouk its  a small town, very close to airport less than hour. It was Aug, the weather is almost raining everyday. we had to cancel our snorkelling trip for a few time. They use both USD and they currency - riel. Most the item can get 1 USD.. pretty cheap.. KFC is halal.. other than that, really have to be careful. We eat seafood all the time.. the place is still new, nothing much for the tourist. we stay at otres beach where most people say it most private, clean and nice beach.. Yes it is.. but i think a little entertainment or noise will be nice as it too quite at nite there.. will post some photo soon.

Its also crazy year of 2017.. huge fight, bad fight.. but we manage to get over it.. Jodoh panjang lagi.. maybe.. its good to be back again..

Next for reminder is the Korea trip for Christmas and new year celebration.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Bandung 2017!

Awesome trip with friends and love. Experience ourselves with Uber from different country. Apps really work like a charm.

Bandung is alwasy about shopping.. Sorry guys..


Boracay is awesome!!.. Im so tired.. Im so stress out.. Even for small work load i feel like crazy crashing my head thinking.. When I start thinking, my wound start hurting! And that stop everything.. Jem.. Hang.. I cant do work.. I try so hard but still cant..

I told her i need a rest.. Next day we bought ticket to BORACAY.. Awesome swimming in clear sea water.. Just relaxing.. it really help. Thanks..

Ramsay Sime Darby Medical centre

Another memorial thing happening.

Got surgery for the second time to remove the cyst.. Aiya.. It wont stop..
It keep happening.. But alhamdulillah im good now.. Im taking visanne 2mg daily.. to control the hormon. With this, I'm not having my menstrual every month. and my mood always changing all the time.. I'm getting used to it. Follow up every 6 month.. My routine now.

The hospital is good, exactly nearby to my house at the time. like 5 minute drive. Having her to help me recovery, sleep at the hospital. With insurance i got my private room for my self. Really relaxing.

Office mate like very shock, suddenly admitted and got surgery.. they all came to visit. very nice of you guys. Thanks.

Its really important to have a good insurance agent. Mine was not ok.. I was admitted at 1am, doctor advise to do the surgery immediately. Call my agent, endup he say wait for tomorrow to get approval for the letter.. Dem. Then for all the bill i have to call him many time before he sent some else to get it for him. Insurance is very important. You will worry free for the bill. Cost for everything more than 15k.. and all covered. And I got my self allowance for the surgery and admitted.. Thanks to Prudential.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Jalan-jalan Release Stress

Pending trip/holiday to be update here:

1. Ramsay Sime Darby Medical centre (8-11 Nov)
2. Boracay (1-6 Dec)
3. Tandom Hill Resort (31 Dec - 1 Jan)
4. Bandung (28 Jan - 1 Feb)
5. Genting Highland (22 - 24 Apr)
6. Melaka Wonderland Themepark (30 Apr - 1 May)

Latest and Hot News! Bought and moved to new house.. Yahoo!!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kapsul QM Mutiara Asli

Sesuai untuk lelaki mahupun wanita, Kapsul QM ini akan memberikan hasil perubahan yang sememangnya anda ingin-inginkan selama ini.
Tiada yg mustahil. Hanya dengan Kapsul QM anda boleh kembali memiliki kulit yang cantik menawan.
Satu produk terlaris dan terhangat yang sudah pun terbukti keberkesanannya!

"Tahukah anda rahsia kulit cantik dan cerah dari serbuk MUTIARA?
Mutiara asli telah digunakan dan di-amalkan oleh para maharani sejak dahulu kala dalam penjagaan kulit mereka supaya kulit sentiasa licin bersih, putih dan cantik"

 Kapsul QM Queen Of Mutiara ialah supplement berkapsul yang mengandungi serbuk  
MUTIARA 100% ASLI yang dirumus khas dalam membantu wanita mahupun lelaki untuk cantik luaran dan dalaman.

Malah juga memberi kesan yang baik untuk kesihatan. 
Boleh memperolehi kesan pantas seawal 7 hari!!!
QM Queen Of Mutiara diimport dari negara Jepun dan di kilangkan di Malaysia bertaraf GMP.

100% mutiara asli tanpa campuran
Hasil pencerahan kulit seluruh badan
Sudah terbukti berkesan kepada ramai orang diluar sana 
Produk yang sesuai untuk lelaki dan wanita
Dapat memperolehi kesan seawal 7 hari

Membantu mengatur semula metabolisme dalam badan.
❤Membantu menanggalkan kesan bintik / tompok gelap / pigmentasi akibat usia tua pada kulit.
❤Membantu melembap, menghalus, mengecilkan pori jugamenegangkan kulit.
❤Membantu menenangkan hati.
❤Membantu mencegah penuaan kulit.
❤Membantu membersih, mencerah & menaikkan seri kulit.
❤Membantu mengurangkan demam.
❤Membantu memudakan kulit wajah, atasi jerawat & jeragat.
❤Membantu menyahtoksikkan sistem badan.
❤Membantu menyingkirkan haba berlebihan daripada badan.
❤Membantu merawat sakit kerongkong.
❤Membantu mengurangkan kegelisahan.
❤Membantu menenangkan minda.
❤Membantu meringankan tekanan.
❤Memberi tenaga / merangsang Qi badan.

👉Satu biji sehari sebelum makan.
👉Selepas makan, biarkan selama 10 minit untuk penghadaman kapsul sebelum boleh makan untuk sarapan atau makan malam.
👉Untuk mendapatkan kesan yang lebih cepat, buka kapsul QM, masukkan serbuk mutiara sahaja ke dlm segelas air putih. 
👉Kacau air yang telah dimasukkan serbuk QM tu baru minum. Sama juga pastikan diambil sebelum makan. Tunggu dalam masa 10 minit baru boleh untuk makan.
👉Minum air putih sekurang-kurangnya 2 liter sehari untuk kesan yang lebih cepat. 

Untuk pembelian boleh terus hubungi:

Mobile : +6 011 1278 8005
FB: pengedarsahqueenofmutiara
IG: queenofmutiara78

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bitcoin or Bitpay

Its quite long time i havent blog bout work

Recently was working out with bitpay api. Below are the rules that must follow

1. create separate key (private and public) for testnet and livenet
2. create also separate sin for testnet and livenet (this must be generate by using each own key)
3. create separate token for testnet and livenet and must immediately pairing the token on website:
testnet =
livenet =

4. Now you ready to have api connection to any action.

To work with bitpay/bitcoin, please always download their latest version of library: as my case in php

Place it in anywhere in you public_html or project folder in localhost.

In my case, i create separate class to call the library. and another php file to call this class.

For the step of 1,2 and 3 above you can follow these:
Name of the file same as the step. Step 1 follow 001.php and goes on...

Example error message:
1. Unauthorized sin - This mean, the combination of public key,private key, sin and token are wrong. Eg: testnet private key for livenet token.. this so wrong.

1. From library when there is an error, it will just blank page. This in my case, not sure about others. Solution or the cause of the issue is here:
throw new \Exception($error_message);
throw new \Exception('Error with request: no data returned');
So instead of throw error. i just put return the error message. Eg:
return $body['error'];
return $error_message;

2. when create a token, use this array:
'label' => 'Payout Facade',
'facade' => 'payroll',
'id' => $this->sin,
You dont need to pass the pairingcode, as it will generated when u run this function. And please include the facade that you need it for.

3. To create dummy testnet and livenet bitcoin address, you can try use this website. You can create as many as you want.
Step: dashboard > crate fowarding addresses > "Address to foward to" (use the same from "Destination Address"), Network (Bitcoin Testnet for testnet) > click button "create address" > done.

4. To test the postback or IPN, use Fiddler2 (need to download this). Inside it go to tab "Composer" > put ur url of the postback (notificationURL), and the "Request body" put the example responce from them > then click Execute button > Done

Pretty much that it.. im still in the middle of developing it.. still strunggle... above are still in theory.. hope it succeed. Wish me luck!

Keyword: Bitcoin API, Bitpay API, createToken, createPayout, deletePayout, Batch Payout.